So many things going on in my world, so little time to write about it (or so it seems)! The hot summer whizzed by and was full of a surgery recovery, a vacation without kids, and a trip with kids (notice I did not say vacation?). The fall has been full of sessions and my outdoor shooting season is concluding tomorrow. Just think…it is 45 degrees right now and three weeks ago it was 80!

Last week, I headed indoors to the studio to capture smiles and laughs of some very awesome kids. Being a photographer is more than just clicking a button. Yes, that is part of what we do. We travel, we talk, we tell jokes, we sit down and listen. We’re present in people’s worlds. And we can make a difference.

My sessions last week were part of a calendar fundraiser that is for Communication Innovations. I don’t want to give too much away yet – the images are being processed and the very awesome calendar is being designed for an early December launch. Can’t wait to share it!