zanzibar :: starfish

To give you some perspective on our environs, I thought I’d share some of the images of where we stayed, the Starfish Restaurant and Bungalows. On the way from Stonetown to Jambiani, the road is wild at first. Cluttered with people, bikes, cars, and buses. I used to get nervous watching the road, thinking I or someone else was going to die. But then, I started to notice the flow of all the people and vehicles. And somehow, just like in life, things work out.

Once you get out of town, there is a stretch of road that is my favorite place. Mango trees create a shady canopy that is so beautiful. Finally, after all these years, I was able to ask the driver to stop for a couple of minutes, so I could create an image of it.

After an hour or so, we arrived at our home base in Jambiani. The food was great and the view from the bungalow couldn’t be beat. Seriously, we were about 30 feet from the ocean. As a result, the hammock was almost always occupied…

Every morning we were served fresh eggs (everything is organic and local), fresh fruit, a glorious glass of passion fruit mango juice (with a hint of ginger), and tea. Lunch and dinner was anything from the most amazing tomato soup to calamari, lobster or coconut crusted fish to samosas. Delicious every time.