so far, so good

My official day back in the studio has been great so far. My mind is clearer than I expected – which after three kids in 5 years, I am amazed to be saying! Guess my brain has adapted or maybe I have adapted and have a different “normal” than I used to. My hunch is that it’s a little of both.

While I was “off”, I tried to unplug and focus on little Lucia. But, it’s kind of hard for me to that. So, yes, I took pictures (mainly of her and her sisters). And I attempted to re-catalog my family images (which of course, are in a huge digital pile like everyone else’s). It’s a slow process and I keep adding to the pile, so I am feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel at the moment. Then, I got the studio painted, updated my software systems, worked on the website, and the list goes on…

This morning started with a session with a little guy that was born 2.5 weeks after Lucia. And he was hungry! I think he nursed for half of the session, but as long as he was happy, we were too.