happy spring

Well, I managed to dust off the old website and I feel 10 times better! Last month, some hackers managed to corrupt my site and I’ve been looking at it’s sad state since then. Spring is great time to renew and refresh anyway, right?

Since the crazy holiday season, I have been busy working on my businesses and shivering! And now it’s time to watch the snow melt and the flowers bloom. Session season is right around the corner and I am finalizing my schedule for the rest of the year. A bit of travel is on my calendar over the next 9 months. Florida, up north, and an extended trip to a little island named Curacao…more details to come.

A few weeks ago I managed to find the holiday cards I was supposed to send out in December. I am guessing Happy Holidays won’t fly in March. So, here’s the picture of my girls on the front – if you want me to send a copy of the card to you (I know some of you collect them!), just let me know.