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the spirit awakens

It’s been almost two years since I officially laid down my camera as a professional studio photographer. I have dabbled and shot a little since, but nothing of great volume. Finally, I feel like I am ready to explore and have fun again with my many cameras. Feel the vibe and capture it.

It’s perfect timing too – we’re leaving for Thailand in 10 days. The entire Hassrick clan will be getting on an airplane for a total of 19 hours and launch ourselves into another culture. It will certainly be an adventure!

Traveler’s Dream. Streets of Grenada, Spain. 2008. Multiple exposure Holga. Sepia toned. Printed on fiber.

beach fun

Isn’t it funny how vacation becomes a distant memory so quickly? We returned from Florida on Saturday and it feels like we were there last year.

We had a great time on the beach and around the island. During the week, I was playing with my iPhone and making Instagrams – I think it’s a new addiction. In one hand, I have my big ‘ol DSLR and the other hand, the iPhone. I am finding it so much easier to make quick edits and post my snapshots this way. Eventually, I am going to create a little Instagram album of my random moments. Now that’s going to happen when I have a little extra time…



a foodie weekend

On Friday, Karl and I headed to Chicago for weekend away. It turned into a wonderful food adventure with many Starbucks stops along the way. (I should note that we are in a “star” competition right now. I currently have more, but Karl is catching up quickly. Even Estella has her own Starbucks card – at least it’s connected to my account!)

For Friday night, we made reservations ahead of time at Sunda – a new pan-Asian restaurant. The sushi was creative and incredibly fresh. My favorite thing was the garlic lo mein noodles with crab meat. It sounds like a simple dish, but there was complexity in the textures and flavors.

On Saturday, we headed to Bucktown/Wicker Park for a food tour. Being independent travelers, we usually don’t sign up for tours, but I am so glad we did this one. We never would have gotten to try out all the different foods in one visit.

The three hour tour started with an official Chicago hot dog at George’s Hot Dogs in Bucktown. The Wisconsin girl in me still wanted to put on ketchup, but alas, there wasn’t enough room on the bun. After our hot dogs, we headed to Hot Chocolate on Damen Avenue. I have to admit, I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate at this point, but the iced mocha chocolate drink won me over immediately. Absolutely amazing.

Next, to piece for some pizza and beer (I stuck to water). It was a good slice and nice to sit for awhile in the hubhub of a pizza place. Following the pizza, we walked for awhile in Wicker Park and learned about the architecture and history of the area. Once we worked up an appetite, we headed to Sultan’s Market for a delicious falafel sandwich. Then, we finished up at iCream where they use liquid nitrogen to fast freeze your custom ice cream.

With all the sessions I have had the past two weeks, my eye needed a break (and my wrist too). So, I stuck to the little point and shoot to take little pics of what we experienced and didn’t photograph the food at all. Bad food photography, with a point and shoot, is not something I want to be known for…