busy bees

Currently, my house is in complete chaos – we started a kitchen/living room remodel two weeks ago. With that, we managed to reduce our living space by at least 50%. It’s been ok, but I can’t wait for it to be done! Here’s the quick plan: gut the kitchen, knock out a wall, replace the fireplace, replace tile in foyer, and replace all carpet with hardwood. We are in the quiet, mudding and taping phase at the moment. When it’s all done, I’ll proudly post the before and after…

On to the studio…it’s been a good couple weeks of quiet catch-up. The senior season is full swing and my calendar is starting to fill up. Just a quick reminder that the Middleton deadline is early September.

And lastly, Doggy Daze calendars will be ready for pick-up/delivery starting on Monday. And they look fantastic!!