zanzibar :: a walk in the village

The slow editing process has started. I brought both my film and digital bodies and shot a mix of films (some C41 BW and some true BW). Since the C41 BW are quick and I can develop them anywhere, I have them back already and was excited to post a few (or 10, but who’s counting?). Since I tend to work in small bites, I’ll be posting a series of visual stories over the next couple of weeks. Please comment on your favorite images or if you have any questions about what you see.

This series of images are from a walk in Jambiani village near the neighborhood where Karl and I lived in 2001. Since that time, the village has grown and things have changed a little. But not much. There are still goats running around, ducks waddling in rows, piles of stones waiting to make a house, and children wanting their picture taken. Lucky for me, right?

There was a soccer game about to be played and these kids were waiting for the opposing team to arrive.  It was fun to watch these kids run around, be goof balls, and hang from the trees like monkeys. Kids will be kids, no matter where in the world you live.

And then there are things that I came across that made me chuckle. Not because I haven’t seen it before. But because it’s completely normal to them and something we would never see here in Madison, Wisconsin. A tuna, riding on the back of bicycle, watching the soccer game unfold.