a little break

It’s the night before my annual “end of summer” vacation and I have been trying to figure out what to write for the past hour. But sometimes, words just don’t come quickly. Especially after trying to get a million things done at the house and the studio. All those little ducks need to get put in their rows!

So, what images to post today? The building project. We are 95% complete and I am ready to take a break from trying to figure out which tile or hardware or color or wood to use. So as we sit at the beach next week…the trim is getting put on, the cabinets tweaked, and the drawer pulls attached (all 37 of them). It’s been chaotic at time, but worth every speck of dust.

The one thing that I have loved about the project is the shapes that the tools and objects make. I’d be walking by and notice something, then run to get the camera. My kids and dogs would be watching me from the sunroom, wondering why I found a rusty tool so cool. Or the broken up tiles. Or the electrical wires. But all I could see is form, lines, shadow, and simplicity.

I’ll be back in the office on August 30…enjoy the last week of summer!