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happy summer

The last six months have been filled with adventure and healing. Physically, I am getting back into groove and finding my energy returning. Every day that I pick my kids up from the bus and watch them swim at the pool, I am happy with my change in direction. It’s been good.

In February, we ventured to the island of Curacao for two weeks and stayed in a bright yellow house on the ocean. It was an adventure – from driving around and getting lost in a little tiny car to swimming with the dolphins to struggling with the Dutch words – and the girls keep asking to go back!

I have received a lot of inquiries about whether or not I’ll be shooting this fall again. Sadly, I am not. In fact, my camera has laid dormant and is begging me to take pictures of my girls and I haven’t quite gotten there. In time, I will pick up the “big black box” and snap a few. But for now, I am just watching the light and shadows that unfold before my eyes.