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When Kodak decided to stop producing the chemicals to develop Kodachrome in fall 2011, I had planned on sending my one last roll to the only processor in the country to develop it. I had good intentions, but I was also in the midst of the busy season and Baby #3 was on the way. Needless to say, it was never sent and the roll sat quietly in the kitchen junk drawer. I held out hope that Kodak would have a change of heart and I’d be able to see the images from the roll.

Three years later and that little roll is now en route to Film Rescue International – a lab that can take a really old roll of film and most likely salvage it. FRI figured out a way to process this film, but it’ll be in black and white and not those fabulous Kodachrome colors.

It’s halfway to what I was hoping for, but definitely better than wondering what in the world is on the roll! I can’t remember what I shot on the roll – there’s a part of me that recalls images taken in haste, as a frantic, pregnant mom trying to be a part of Kodachrome history. But time will tell soon enough and I will share at the end of the summer when they finish their next batch.