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When Kodak decided to stop producing the chemicals to develop Kodachrome in fall 2011, I had planned on sending my one last roll to the only processor in the country to develop it. I had good intentions, but I was also in the midst of the busy season and Baby #3 was on the way. Needless to say, it was never sent and the roll sat quietly in the kitchen junk drawer. I held out hope that Kodak would have a change of heart and I’d be able to see the images from the roll.

Three years later and that little roll is now en route to Film Rescue International – a lab that can take a really old roll of film and most likely salvage it. FRI figured out a way to process this film, but it’ll be in black and white and not those fabulous Kodachrome colors.

It’s halfway to what I was hoping for, but definitely better than wondering what in the world is on the roll! I can’t remember what I shot on the roll – there’s a part of me that recalls images taken in haste, as a frantic, pregnant mom trying to be a part of Kodachrome history. But time will tell soon enough and I will share at the end of the summer when they finish their next batch.


flower power

At the moment, there are 115,592 files in my digital image library. And quite a few boxes of negatives and slides that are carefully shielded from the elements. Most of the images in the digital library were created over the past ten years of portrait sessions and family time. But there is personal work buried under there somewhere!

Looking back at the images is always so fun. I see images that I wouldn’t necessarily shoot today or images that bring back memories of a certain time. And I suppose that is the power of photography and why we love it so. The emotional connection to a thing, a place, a person.

This image is one that I took 7 years ago. I don’t remember much of what led to it, but I do know it was in the studio and a day of play. Just seeing all the yellow makes me smile and think of sunshine.


banana thoughts

A few months ago I was at the Starbucks in the neighborhood (Century Avenue) and laughed when I saw these bananas with quotes. It surely didn’t make me want to buy them, but they made an impression!

Another thing that happened in that timeframe…I started to drink coffee. For the first time ever. After I swore I never would.

I guess I decided to shake it up a bit and have some more options. Don’t get me wrong, I love my green tea lattes and cup of earl grey. But there are days when I want something without caffeine (at night). And mornings when I want a lot of caffeine. Why I waited until after my youngest daughter was over 2 is beyond me! It’s been sort of fun playing with the new options this coffee world has given me. Almost like trying a new film or camera – becoming aware of the subtleties and nuances. And eventually choosing the best fit.