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never too old for bubbles

Finally. I am back from medical leave (had surgery, no worries, all is ok) and easing back into work at the studio. I would lying if I said the recovery was easy, but everyday is getting better and I am now in my second full week back to work. Of course, the piles of personal images that I meant to work on during recovery didn’t get the attention they expected. But that’s another story…

The story that these images tell is one that is far more fun! Bubbles are so much fun to play with, whether your 2 years old or 6 years old or even 36 years old (talking about me here!). I did a quick search to read more about them and was amazed to find an entire website dedicated to bubbles! According to The Bubblesphere, the largest bubble made is 50 feet long! My studio isn’t big enough for that, but we still had a good time. The pure joy that bubbles bring out make my camera very happy!