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let it melt

I absolutely love winter and all the good stuff that comes with it. But I know that I am not alone in saying – it’s time to be OVER!

A year ago, my oldest daughter was riding her bike down the sidewalk in 80 degrees. This weekend, she’ll be skiing again because there’s still an amazing amount of snow out there.

And I hate to admit this – she’s a much better skier than I am. Considering that I learned how to ski at the age of 23, I am not totally surprised. But still. It’s amazing how the fearless youth brain works – a black diamond looks fun to her and terrifying to me.

My photography hiatus is near its end, so a few personal photos of the slopes are all I have to share right now. Even Adi has gotten in on the fun this year and had a few ski lessons. Before I know it, her and her big sister will be off skiing without me, while I enjoy those roasted marshmallows.

Here’s hoping that the snow melts soon!



Rope Ski