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surf time

My husband and I took a little trip to the West Coast with Lucia this past May. Almost like culture shock, I experienced “kid shock”. Wow, traveling with one kid is so different than being with three!

She was so easy to tote around, didn’t talk constantly, didn’t ask for the iPad, and slept a lot. When we got back home, it took me an hour to reacquaint myself with the realities of my life.

In an effort to avoid L.A. traffic, we left our hotel at 6 am and headed to the beach before our flight. It was so neat to watch the surfers catch some waves before heading to work. Just watching them made me want to surf, but the chances of learning how in Wisconsin are pretty slim.

I didn’t bring my big camera with me for the trip, but I did have my handy iPhone. Since my “lemon project” this spring, I have been pleasantly surprised at most results. Still limitations in highlights and macro shots, but every tool can’t be perfect.

For this surf shot, I was watching this guy for awhile as he stretched and warmed up. I took a series of shots and eventually everything fell together to get to this one. He stood up momentarily and started running into the water.

pure talent

In my childhood, I played various instruments – piano, viola (sorry to my family for the screeching), cello, alto sax and tenor sax. Those days are 25 years past, but I still love good soulful music.

Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity to photograph a very cool local band, Autumn Underground. They were recording an album at Blast House Studios and I was completely blown away by their talent! Amazing music, rich vocals and a great vibe. And the fact that all the band members haven’t  even graduated from high school is even more impressive!

They will be performing at Summerfest this year – if your heading that way in a couple of weeks, check them out on June 27th @  Kohl’s Captivation Station @ 6:45 pm.



swinging in the trees

The transition from two girls to three is getting smoother! I am finally feeling a rhythm and groove to my days…it only took six months, but who’s counting? Summer is about to begin…and I mean swim lessons, tennis lessons, picnics, splash parks, and all that stuff!

May seems like a blur and don’t really remember most of it. It started out with surgery for my middle girl (nothing major, but still surgery), then a trip to Los Angeles and then kindergarten graduation. In between all of this, I had a bunch of awesome sessions, which I will be posting next week. Here’s a one of my favorite shots of the month…