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pure talent

In my childhood, I played various instruments – piano, viola (sorry to my family for the screeching), cello, alto sax and tenor sax. Those days are 25 years past, but I still love good soulful music.

Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity to photograph a very cool local band, Autumn Underground. They were recording an album at Blast House Studios and I was completely blown away by their talent! Amazing music, rich vocals and a great vibe. And the fact that all the band members haven’t  even graduated from high school is even more impressive!

They will be performing at Summerfest this year – if your heading that way in a couple of weeks, check them out on June 27th @  Kohl’s Captivation Station @ 6:45 pm.



swinging in the trees

The transition from two girls to three is getting smoother! I am finally feeling a rhythm and groove to my days…it only took six months, but who’s counting? Summer is about to begin…and I mean swim lessons, tennis lessons, picnics, splash parks, and all that stuff!

May seems like a blur and don’t really remember most of it. It started out with surgery for my middle girl (nothing major, but still surgery), then a trip to Los Angeles and then kindergarten graduation. In between all of this, I had a bunch of awesome sessions, which I will be posting next week. Here’s a one of my favorite shots of the month…