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snapshots of a mother’s day

My fifth Mother’s Day was full of kids and adventure!

In the morning, the big girls played outside and enjoyed the great weather. It was fun to watch Estella zoom up and down the side walk on her bike sans training wheels.

And Adi kept testing out the little trike, but still isn’t quite sure about it. But mostly she was posing for me as I sat on the grass and played mommy photographer for the morning. I don’t play that role very often and usually she doesn’t want anything to do with me and a big camera in my hand – guess this was her gift to me!

After the bubble playing and running around outside, I went into Lucia’s room and was greeted by her amazing smile in her sunlit room. Perfect light, perfect timing! Even Adi got in on the fun and was my little assistant.

Then, my adventurous husband treated the moms in the family to a biplane ride at Morey Field in Middleton. Wow!! We headed over to the Wisconsin River and flew among the birds and bluffs. Beautiful and amazing.



beach fun

Isn’t it funny how vacation becomes a distant memory so quickly? We returned from Florida on Saturday and it feels like we were there last year.

We had a great time on the beach and around the island. During the week, I was playing with my iPhone and making Instagrams – I think it’s a new addiction. In one hand, I have my big ‘ol DSLR and the other hand, the iPhone. I am finding it so much easier to make quick edits and post my snapshots this way. Eventually, I am going to create a little Instagram album of my random moments. Now that’s going to happen when I have a little extra time…