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the perfect snowstorm

This weekend, I hit a milestone in my life…escorting my two little ones to the “Fresh Beat Band” concert in Milwaukee. I’ve been listening to their music long enough, that even I knew all the words to the songs!

We left Madison before the big snowstorm hit on Friday and then lounged around the hotel as the weather went south. I have been having fun playing around with Instagram and using testing out my iPhone. Still not completely convinced, but it when I take the time, I have been able to get some cool shots. The concert pics were a disaster with the bright lights and such, even with HDR on. Alas, you can’t have everything in your pocket, right?

As my oldest and I sat in Starbucks watching the rain turn to snow, I stepped out the front door and tried a few shots. Then, the next morning I popped my head out again and took another. A snowstorm is perfect when you don’t have to drive or shovel and take a few pictures instead!