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save the date

Just a quick reminder that the spring open house and Matilda Jane trunk show is coming up on April 12 from 2:00-4:30 pm! Can’t wait to see the fabulous clothes and everyone that stops by. More details about the open house coming soon…

doggy fun

It was a wild and crazy week – 11 dogs participated in Doggy Daze this year! Lots of cuddly labs. Some returning canines from the first event. An adorable puppy named Louie. It was good fun!

I’ll be posting images this week for the Top Dog Contest – it will run from March 21 – March 31. Until then, I saw this image as I was editing and wanted to share. This one year old lab, Timber, did a great job of keeping her eye on the prize. About 2 seconds after I clicked she was in my face eating the treat!

the perfect snowstorm

This weekend, I hit a milestone in my life…escorting my two little ones to the “Fresh Beat Band” concert in Milwaukee. I’ve been listening to their music long enough, that even I knew all the words to the songs!

We left Madison before the big snowstorm hit on Friday and then lounged around the hotel as the weather went south. I have been having fun playing around with Instagram and using testing out my iPhone. Still not completely convinced, but it when I take the time, I have been able to get some cool shots. The concert pics were a disaster with the bright lights and such, even with HDR on. Alas, you can’t have everything in your pocket, right?

As my oldest and I sat in Starbucks watching the rain turn to snow, I stepped out the front door and tried a few shots. Then, the next morning I popped my head out again and took another. A snowstorm is perfect when you don’t have to drive or shovel and take a few pictures instead!