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the lemon project

About a week ago, I decided to try out the Instagram app on my iPhone and iPad. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it, but after looking at the featured photographers, I got inspired.

Everyone talks about how great the iPhone camera is, but I’ll admit it challenges me. I am incapable of just taking a snapshot without thinking too much about light, detail, blur, depth of field, and so on. And I always found my phone to be so slow that I’d miss what I was wanting to photograph. But, since I upgraded my very old iPhone for a new shiny one during Christmas, it’s not as painful to take pictures with it. I have no excuses anymore.

Here begins my journey with Instagrams. Three simple rules I will abide to…

  • iPhone or iPad only, no importing images from the big cameras that give me more control
  • only apps that are on either device (currently I am liking Snapseed and the Instagram options)
  • any subject matter will be fair game, but I am going to focus on one thing for a month

The Lemon Project was launched this morning. It started merely because I needed to make some preserved lemons and the light in the kitchen was great. A few things I found challenging was the depth of field if I was further away from my subject. Close-ups seems fine. I was impressed at how close I could get to my subject without losing focus capability. Getting the right angle was tricky, but easier in some cases too.

If you play around with Instagrams and want to join the fun, just tag your images with #lemonproject. The challenge: stay in the kitchen and see what you can do creatively with the things you see and use everyday.



so far, so good

My official day back in the studio has been great so far. My mind is clearer than I expected – which after three kids in 5 years, I am amazed to be saying! Guess my brain has adapted or maybe I have adapted and have a different “normal” than I used to. My hunch is that it’s a little of both.

While I was “off”, I tried to unplug and focus on little Lucia. But, it’s kind of hard for me to that. So, yes, I took pictures (mainly of her and her sisters). And I attempted to re-catalog my family images (which of course, are in a huge digital pile like everyone else’s). It’s a slow process and I keep adding to the pile, so I am feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel at the moment. Then, I got the studio painted, updated my software systems, worked on the website, and the list goes on…

This morning started with a session with a little guy that was born 2.5 weeks after Lucia. And he was hungry! I think he nursed for half of the session, but as long as he was happy, we were too.