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happy new year

Happy New Year!

In most years, I send out my New Years’ card on the first. Well, the 1st has come and gone and the card is still swirling in my head. My hope is that tonight I am finishing the design and it’s off to the printer tomorrow.

For me, the holiday card always gets a bit more complicated every year. I think it has something to do with adding members to my family and being a professional photographer. Of course, I can’t just use any picture or pictures for the card. And of course, since I have the equipment, why not use it?

So, I hauled the background stand, background, light, meter, and reflectors from the studio to our home last week. After having my “assistants” help me set up, we were ready. At first, the kids were game. Then, they weren’t. Then, they were. Adi would get into the shot as I was taking Estella’s or vice versa. And the our dog, Scout, would want to join the party.

At times, Lucia would need something. It was comical! I think at one point, I had Lucia laying on my lap, as I one handedly used my camera – with the other hand, pushing Scout away. I gave up trying to get Lucia’s picture that day, knowing that my husband would be able to help the next. I guess that is one perk to having a photo studio ready in your sunroom. On demand photos – when a baby is happy, fed, and not tired!

The photos are done, but now I am playing with them. I got addicted to this new app for my iPad (check out Snapseed) and have been playing with the images. The big question – do I go classic black and white or funk it up?  I have no idea at the moment what I am going to do, but I better by the lab deadline tomorrow at noon.