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belly dancing

The baby clock is ticking and I am feeling a little bit like a Santa’s elf and Santa himself. Christmas cards are being delivered, holiday portraits are being picked up and I keep moving to get it all done! I just tell that little girl in my belly to stay put for at least another 10 days – I am sure she enjoys the “dancing” that I am doing…

Orders are wrapping up and if you have a pending one, feel free to check where it’s at. Otherwise, I will be in touch in the next few days!

There are so many images that I adore going out the door right now, that’s it hard to pick one to post. (There will be more to come on the studio Facebook page in the coming days too.) The colors in the conservancy were exceptionally brilliant this fall – even for me, I had a hard time saying no to color.

p.s. For those of you wanting to see the Hassrick family reality TV debut – the Bang for Your Buck episode will be airing this Saturday, November 12 @ 2:30 ET!