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baby on the brain

Life is moving fast right now in my world and I keep forgetting that I am having another baby in 8 weeks or less. And then I get kicked in the ribs by a foot and get a not so gentle reminder. It’s all good, but pretty funny when I am sitting here at the computer. Luckily, the baby enjoys photo sessions and appointments and drifts off to sleep during those times!

I am just finishing up one of my big order batches from the late summer sessions. Since I am talking baby stuff at the moment, I thought I’d post the most adorable 1 year old. Little Izzie and her big blue eyes was so much to fun to photograph in the studio. One minute she was stoic, then the next minute giggling, but always just as cute as can be.


Yesterday, my husband was mowing the lawn and thought to himself, “it feels like September – wait a minute, it IS September!” The summer is almost over and I can’t believe it. Last month is a blur, with jam packed days of sessions, appointments, and a little vacation up north thrown in there. And then, my oldest started Kindergarten!

The day before school started, I photographed a little girl (and now classmate of my daughter!) that I first photographed when she was 10 days old – that was 5 1/2 years ago! Ironically, the reality of time hit me more after this session, than the reality of my own daughter growing up and going to school for the first time. One of the beauties of photography is becoming aware of your surroundings – evidently, it appears that sometimes I need a jolt from a different angle to see my own world!

Another thing that photography has taught me is to be free and open to the unexpected. You never know when something will happen that is worth clicking the shutter. And even if you aren’t sure – click the shutter anyway. As one instructor told me, “Shoot through the bad, to get to the good.”

On one of my senior portraits in August, we were on a bike path and nearing the end of the session. Just goofing around, laughing and having a good time (which is often when the best shots happen anyway). We usually get bikers and walkers on the path and wait for them to pass. As you can see, this guy walked by, but not before participating first!