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It’s really funny. Throughout the day or week, I often come up with really great things to blog about. Then, somehow, my mind goes blank the minute I sit down to right about it. Granted, it may have been a week ago. And, I have the ultimate reason for memory loss – pregnancy!

I am amazed how fast this one is going along! Already past the halfway mark and I am trucking towards the third trimester – before we know it, there will be a trio of sisters in our little world. Babies are a big thing in our house, so I am confident that I’ll have lots of help from the little mommies.

Speaking of sisters, we had our oldest’s first soccer game this weekend and it’s an adventure.  After Estella finished up her first rotation on the field this Sunday, she looked at a teammate and said “Wanna play tag?”, completely oblivious of her teammates on the field. Tag was then followed by hide and seek.

Another little girl was picking flowers on the field in between kicks and putting them in her chest pocket. And on the field next to ours, a little 4 year old showed up in shin guards, soccer shoes, and a pink leotard with tutu!

While we didn’t have a pink tutu, we did contribute with some funky socks…