Archive for June 29, 2011

flowers and fun

I just finished an album design from a late May session and have been having so much fun with the images! This session was with 35mm film (I forgot the medium format – it’s been awhile…) and after a session like this, I always wonder why I don’t shoot film more. Maybe because it’s “easy” to fall into the digital pattern that seems simpler. But in truth, I think I do the equivalent amount of work, if not less, with film images.

We started this session at home and then headed to the nearby park. Technically, it was at the end of a park and really a greenway with a big culvert at the bottom and unmowed grass. But, even a bed of flowering weeks can make for amazing images! After dancing, laughing, and getting tickled, we headed inside and played with a very cute ballerina dress.

To see all the images in the album, check it out on the JHP Facebook page!