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a bird’s eye view

A few weeks ago Scott Anderson and I carried out my crazy idea of photographing yoga from above. All the times that I have photographed him in the past, it’s been on the same level. Now, to get above him (and me being 12 inches shorter) required more than a little step ladder!

When I shoot, I move. A lot. So, imagine the creative challenge of only being able to move 2 inches forward or back. And to be consciously aware that I am about nine fee in the air. It was awkward at times, but enlightening too.

I guess this is why I wanted to try the bird’s eye view. You never know what you are going to find when you do something a little different…


hgtv is coming to our house

A little non-studio news….for those of you addicted to HGTV – you are going love this.

HGTV has selected our kitchen/living room remodel to be on Bang for Your Buck! In one week, we will have TV crews lined up and filming our house (and us talking about our remodel). If they let me, I’ll try to take a few “behind the scenes” shots and give you an idea of what we are experiencing.

Then, two days after filming, we are headed to Disneyworld for a little vacation (with two kids, I think that word doesn’t apply, but you get the idea). Happy April!