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snow fight

After all of these beach images from Zanzibar, I decided to take a detour and post two images more suited to this wonderful Wisconsin weather we are having.

Last month I did a black and white session with many, many groupings of eight adults and four kids. Think of a “free for all” photo session, with lots of laughter. Kids were tickled, adults were dancing – good fun. Unfortunately, we forgot the dog outside…

At the end of the session, we decided to head outside and take a few pictures in the park.¬†Just as I said, “we’re done!”, the snow started to fly and all I could do is click, click, click without thinking. I love this shot because of the snow stream and the running people and the big, big smiles. As you can see, I got a little snow on my lens by the end, but it certainly made for some great sparkles!