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10,000 miles in 36 hours

What a great trip to Zanzibar! I am still processing my trip mentally and amazingly, my jet lag is not that bad. I am thinking it has to do with the fact that I’ve survived the newborn days of two children!

Of the ten days we were there, only two were spent in town. The rest were at the beach in the village of Jambiani.  Here are some number facts from the trip…they’ll be more photos and stories coming.

  • 36  – number of hours to get there from doorstep to doorstep
  • 10,000 – number of miles one-way
  • 4 – modes of transportation required to get there
  • 1,400 – shillings to a dollar
  • 600 – cost in shillings of a Coke at a street stand
  • 15,000 – cost in shillings of a lobster dinner
  • 1,000 – cost in shillings that the policeman at the Paje traffic stop wanted as a bribe (plus a handful of chashews)
  • 45 – cost per night of a our beach bungalow (including breakfast)
  • 30 – number of feet that the Indian Ocean was from our bungalow
  • 1,600 – the number of images that I took (I think, I am still downloading…)