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bat dog

Last night, I photographed two dozen dogs in a festive 2-hour period at Ruffin’ It Resort’s Howl-a-Thon. All proceeds benefitted OccuPaws.

What an experience!¬†Photographing dogs is always an adventure, but throw in costumes, hats, treats, and other random things to smell. Some would sit, some wouldn’t. Most didn’t want their hats on. Some just got so excited with the treats they wouldn’t stay still.

This little pooch was wearing a Batman costume and was absolutely adorable. Once I saw this image, I realized that he actually looked like a bat too!

happy sister

I’ve had the chance to hold a bunch of sweet little newborns the past few weeks. Even though my youngest, Adi, is 22 months, it seems like eons since she was that small. Going from 25 pounds back to the under 10 pound bundle of joy reminded my arms that my “little baby”, is no longer a baby anymore.

One of things that I love about newborn sessions are the sibling shots. It’s always an interesting balance of trying to getting something cute, trying to keep the newborn “safe” from the hands of the sibling, and keeping the infant awake or just happy.

This little sister was so cute with her new brother – she was so happy with him. I love the way he curled right up and leaned on her.

in a mood to laugh

This time of year, thousands of images are created and downloaded to my computer every week. It’s busy, busy, busy! When I am looking at all these cute, adorable faces, there are always moments that aren’t quite perfect. But too funny to not share!

I’ve photographed this little guy right before his first day of school and the day he lost his first tooth. I can’t believe I’ve known him since he was two and how grown up he has become. Of course, grown up as he is, he still isn’t always an easy catch with the camera the entire session!