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doggy daze calendar preview

This is a fast and short post – the Doggy Daze calendar is in the final design phase and about to go to the printer. Whoohoo!

Here’s a quick preview…beginning today, you can pre-order the calendar. It will be available for shipping or studio pick-up in early July.

senior season begins

Today marks the beginning of senior portrait season. I had my first session of the season and I am looking forward to editing the session and getting some posted. We ended the session with a snowboard, goggles, ski hat at gloves. Outside in the sun. That lasted about 3 minutes! All part of the plan, but not something you want to do everyday.

This summer, I have a high school senior helping me keep my sanity and stay organized. While these aren’t her official senior portraits, I took a few shots down the street on her first day and posted one here.

And speaking of senior portraits – just a friendly reminder that the Middleton yearbook deadline is early September. Sessions and orders must be completed by August 19th to make the deadline.

we all see something different

I was on the phone today with a mom of a high school senior and we were laughing about the fact that her daughter and her favored completely different images. I hear it all the time – but if you go to a museum and stood by a painting for an hour, you’d hear a diversity of opinions too. Some that don’t get it, some that connect with it, some that like it a little.

The reality is that photography, like any art form, is subjective. Each person brings their unique lifelong experiences to their consciousness when viewing an image. And just the same, the photographer consciously, or subconsciously, bring their own experiences to the image when they click the shutter. It’s really quite remarkable when you think about.

When I look at this image, there are so many things that it represents to me. Youth, energy, and movement. Then I look closer and I see the shadow on the boardwalk and the tree branch in the background that mimics the boy’s shape. And then my eye starts going to the patterns and lines…