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day two: music, horses, music

What a day. We started out early this morning and headed to Fred’s in Mamou to listen to great Cajun music. The music club opens every Saturday (and is open only on Saturday) at 8 am and fills up gradually, until it’s completely full at 10 am. It was wild. Harley Davidson riders, retired tourists, buses of locals and a handful of regulars.

Then, we headed to Eunice and listened to an impromptu jam session of musicians. I had the opportunity to sit in the center of the musicians and I just closed my eyes and felt the music seep through every part of my body. It was the most moving experience and the highlight of my day. After a meal, we headed to a place where they race horses and buggies. Something I have never seen before. I ended talking more to the spectators than watching the horses.

The last stop of the day was a cajun dance hall. I was getting to the point of being tired, but managed to pull off some images. The ones posted here are from throughout the day, but are from my digital. My film will be ready in the morning…