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off to the deep south

It’s been a few years (call it five) since I have been to a weeklong photography workshop. For me, it’s the best way for me to stretch and expand my skills. By the end of the week, I don’t want to even pick up my camera, I am so fried. But when I get home, I am always amazed at what I created and how I have grown.

So, on Thursday, I am venturing to Louisiana to study with Debbie Fleming-Caffery and Carlan Tapp (Spicy Gumbo Workshop). The focus is documentary photography of the food and music of the South. Needless to say, I am excited. And I am even more excited to get on an airplane by myself and without my children.

I’ll be back in the office on Tuesday, May 25th…

beyond words

Sunday was a day beyond words. My day started at 9:45 when I arrived at Olin House, the Chancellor’s residence. I greeted and passed the chancellor on the way into the house as she was leaving for the day. It took my brain a few seconds to connect her face and the fact that this is her home, as well as a place for special events like this.

Once inside, my equipment was inspected by the UW Police officers and then I was given a quick tour of what was about to happen. My responsibility at the house was to capture the preparations for the luncheon with the Dalai Lama, Governor and Chancellor. After about an hour, Heather arrived and I took her cab to the Overture Center to capture the events as they unfolded before the curtain rose. The line of people waiting to get tickets, the making of the slideshow, the security, the writing on the cards – those were the parts I was documenting. Eventually, the children’s choir arrived, the governor, and His Holiness arrived.

All this time, I was trying to absorb what was happening and telling myself that this is an incredible moment. The presence of the Dalai Lama is incredible and the energy in the theatre was so peaceful.

Of course, over the course of the day I took 700+ images and there are many moments to be shared. But since I can’t put them all on the blog, I just decided to post a few overview images and those show part of the story…the luncheon preparations, children’s choir practicing, writing on the cards*, the discussion and His Holiness.

And lastly, a big, big thank you to Mike and Heather Krakora for letting me be their assistant for the day. It’s been about five years since I worked for Mike (or any photographer, for that matter) and it was really nice to be a part of a team.

* All the guests were invited to participate in the discussion and were encouraged to complete the sentence – “Imagine if…”. Before the show, a slideshow was continually being updated with the responses.