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let the daze begin…

In 90 minutes, my first dog, Maya will walk through the door. The treats are on standby, the doggy bags are waiting for their new owners and the vacuum is at hand.

I am so excited and can’t wait to see how this goes! We just finalized our list of judges this week:

They’ll be narrowing down the field to six and then the final online voting will begin on April 5th and run through the 11th. The fun is about to begin…

creative time, photogram fun

During class today, we played with photograms and books. It was so fun, I wish I could it more often. Here are a few examples of what I ended up with. To keep it in perspective, these images are portions of the entire photogram that I created. The original is about 8 feet long. As I photographing it, I decided to use depth of field, color shifts in the light, and the bend of the paper to give it more of “twist”.

creative time, part two

The most recent assignment for the creative class involved being inspired by another piece of art. It was a perfect assignment for me. One thing I do know about myself is that I struggle creating something out of thin air. I am much better at creating something if I have a few pieces to start with…

My inspiration came from a work of art that involved single objects photographed in similar light, then put together as separate images on a board or similar material. The following images are the beginning of this for me. My process involved taking the images digitally, printing them on copy paper, then transferring them to Polaroid paper using my Daylab Copy Pro.  I anticipate creating three more and then composing them together.

I took objects that are relevant to me and my life today. Socks…Dora…Rattle.