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dogs again

I’d like to introduce the 2010 Doggy Daze participants (from left to right)…Emmet, Bailey, Flicka, Gracie, Sparky, Simba, Luna, Tully, Cara, Connor, Maya, Bruno, Auddie, Monty, Wesley, Nala, Wrigley, Madison, Kaya, Pixie, Colby, Coco, Lou, Captain, and Taylor.

This event has truly been a blast and it’s not even over! Right now, the first round is narrowing the field to the Doggy Dozen. Then Doggy Dozen will be going to the judges @ Ruffin’ Resort, Bad Dog Frida, Mounds, Oregon Vet Clinic, and the Dane County Humane Society.

Then it’s your turn to vote for your favorite from April 5 – 11!

25 dogs later

The Doggy Daze sessions are over and now it’s time to edit, tweak, and get them ready for the judging rounds.

The sessions went really well and I learned a few things about dogs. For one, they are no different than their human owners. Some of us know how to work the camera, some of us hate the camera. Some of us get really nervous and want to hide, some of us get really excited and want to jump up and down!

From the whippet that hid in the closet to the dancing hunting dogs to the perfectly posed boxer, I had to stay on my toes. Just like kids under the age of 5, they move a lot and are completely unpredictable. I know everyone is eagerly waiting to see the images, so here are few to get started. More will be on the way soon…

purple goose :: the spring shoot

In between the Doggy Daze sessions, I photographed the Purple Goose spring collection yesterday. Great clothes, fantastic hair, amazing make-up, and fabulous models. Bridget at Studio Quest salon and Fran made the models look absolutely perfect. Plus, we lucked out with one of those sixty degree spring days.

I’ll be posting more images soon, but I just couldn’t wait to get these posted!