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a little holiday break

The 4 foot stack of boxes and three bags of packing materials have been cleared out of the studio and recycled. The heat is turned way down and the lights are off. Holiday break has begun!

I’ll be out of the studio until January 3rd and will be in a for a few days…then, I am off to an adventure. If you want to guess, the destination starts with the letter Z…

adorable or what?

This little 3 month old was so sweet to photograph. She wasn’t always smiley, but when she did smile, the room just lit up. To get her there, her grandmother was jumping, dancing, clapping – really, doing anything.

After the hour, I don’t know who needed a nap more, the baby or grandma!

why i do what i do

Life and it’s twists and turns took me for surprise the past two weeks of so. First, the GI flu hit our household and spread like wildfire. Then, I sadly had to say goodbye to my dear grandmother after a long illness. As I sat by her bedside last week, I was talking with a good friend of hers and told her the story of how my life changed after my father’s death over 6 years ago.

At 28, I made a leap of faith and opened my studio. I realized that, at the end of the day, all we really have left is our memories of our loved ones. And so, when I create my images, I want to capture the quirks, the personalities, the joyous reality of life. Next week, when I look through the images from two generations ago, I will be grateful to be able to share those memories.

Like most photographers, I am knee deep in images and holiday card orders. Here are a few to share from the fall sessions I did, at the Wisconsin State Capitol, downtown State Street, and Lake Mendota. Next week, I’ll be in the office on Monday only and will return on November 29th.