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a new year, a new blog

It’s almost the beginning of the new year and I am in the mood to streamline and shake things up a bit. And thus, it’s time to start a new blog….same name, different URL:

This one is much easier for me to update and to keep it fresh! So…unfortunately, if you were a registered user on the old blog, you’ll need to start over and re-register.

p.s. In case you are wondering, I carried over the December blog entries from the other system. It just seemed so plain without them. But if you’d like to look at things from the past years, you’ll have to visit the old blog at:

until next year

It’s that time of year to refresh, recharge and eat a lot of food. I’ll be taking closing the studio around noon tomorrow and will return on January 8th. I’ll return email and voice messages on the 8th or so.

I am very excited for 2010 – after taking a year of trying to figure out how to manage two kids (plus a little extra) and a growing studio, I am ready to make some changes. On my wish list? New website, new cameras (yes, that’s plural – I am having a fun on eBay), a new camera room, new products, and just exploring a bit more.

Until then, I’ll share a Paris image from awhile ago…oh, how I miss Paris.

looking back

As I sit here working on files and orders, I came across this image that I took in early November. I can’t believe this was only a month ago – look at the green grass that is now covered in 18″ of snow!