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happy birthday, adi mae

Last year, I ate my Thanksgiving dinner after a day of pacing around my house and delivering our 8 lb daughter, Adele Mae. With her birth and Down syndrome diagnosis, our lives changed forever and we were unsure of the direction we were headed. Today, on her first birthday, I’ve been reflecting on the past year.

As with her sister, Adele has brought such laughter and happiness to our lives. Beyond her weekly therapy appointments, our lives are much more “normal” than I thought they were going to be. She’s crawling, babbling and eating finger foods. She gets into her sister’s toys and pulls her hair. And she loves to splash around and take a bath with her big sister. All typical one year old things.

And in the months after her birth, I wasn’t sure how everything was going to affect the studio and my work. If there has been any impact, I would say that I have been able to prioritize and focus more on what I love to do.

I probably could write all day about all of this – but, instead, I really just want to wish Adele a very, happy first birthday!

I took this quick shot of her while sitting on her dad’s lap this morning. One of the few moments when there wasn’t a cracker or toy in her mouth…